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The Mekagreen goal for the Pharmacist Center is to share vital information needed to improve pharmacy practice and well-being. Pharmacists are invited to submit a short comment or a new PHARMACIST FYI for the benefit of other pharmacists.


FYI for Pharmacists

April, 2010
From 101 Ways to Improve your Pharmacy Work-life
Redirect long-winded patients on the telephone by interjecting with questions such as:

  • Mrs. Simpson, did you have a specific question in mind?
  • I have a couple of patients waiting for me at the consultation window. Can you hold, please?
  • Can I call you back?

January, 2010
101 Ways to Improve Your Pharmacy Work-life by Mark R. Jacobs is a must read for Pharmacists. This book is an invaluable resource of information that helps to reduce work related stress and improve your Pharmacy practice.

December, 2009
Make full use of Pharmacy technicians. If you work with capable technicians, use them as fully as the law will allow. One example is never to answer the phone yourself unless it is a prescribers line. No other professionals, such as doctors or lawyers, answer their own phones.**

(Pharmacy management: essentials for all practice settings by Shane P. Desselle, David P. Zgarrick)

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